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The Future of Surveillance, High Res IP Security Cameras, NVR, Video Analytics & Smart IP Video

The advancements in digital surveillance technology are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Video Analytic features such as PTZ tracking, Crowd Detection, Scene Change Detection, Panorama View, Advanced Visual Quality Enhancer, Missing Object Detection, Object Tracking and Zooming, Unattended Object Detection, People Counting, Web Reporting, Mobile Video Stabilization, Visual Automation, and Facial Detection are all currently being utilized. IP based cameras provide an exceptionally clear image on the recorded footage, providing the ability to zoom in with minimal loss in clarity. Analog cameras on the other hand become drastically distorted and unusable after the software has digitally zoomed in on an object. In the future, zooming in on the recorded footage will be remarkably clearer depending on the megapixels of that camera.

These video analytics will make the business owner of the future progressively more efficient in noticing issues and addressing them before they develop into massive losses. For example, let´s imagine our inventory is short on a particular item. With missing object detection we can now highlight an item and the system will create a list of every time that particular item was touched. This is extremely valuable in situations where product is disappearing. The owner now does not have to sift through hours of footage to find a single event. The only footage in this list is activity that took place within that highlighted view of the camera. Efficiency in surveillance is the key to delivering a system which leaves no stone left unturned. As these methods become easier and easier to use, business owners will inevitably become more profitable. IP based cameras will also provide image quality that far surpasses the resolution of analog cameras. When looking at recorded footage on high resolution IP cameras, the definitive image quality provides owners with precise clarity. These extensive advancements create an unlimited potential for success. More profits lead to a growing and financially secure business.




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