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IP Security Video and Data – An Emerging Benefit to Security Video

The long-standing video camera stands guard day and night. Never blinks, sees all and retains all activity in the multiple zones that it covers. Its Great and has enhanced security in many markets and essentially a “must-have” technology in many environments. Problem is that the technology used today is essentially “Dumb” in that there are no coordinated actions and/or data events. Proactive security should be the result of these new technologies. Software and Video Security is finally in the same space as IP cameras will provide a huge platform of development for video and event management. The results will be a transformation of Dumb DVR into Smart Video Management.

High definition cameras are an important and refreshing technology emerging on the video security marketplace. As IP camera systems are starting to be introduced that will have huge impact to the quality of video, IP opens up many applications never available to the analog camera system. With network-based cameras, applications will emerge that offer powerful POS integration, Video Analytics allowing identification confirmations, and dynamic event management applications with user-defined email and device alerts.

Video and Point-of-sale devices in retails stores and restaurants allow greater scrutiny of individual transactions. Network-based POS systems will emerge offering greater knowledge of transactions and inventory losses. Prior to IP integration systems used time stamp event management to connect the video captured for the transaaction. IP technology will allow your management to see all tranactions and associated video but also allow “smart search” of specific events such as alcohol sales, sales over $100, or any transaction event. IP Video will greatly enhance this technology with video and event management software.

Video Analytics is a somewhat broad term that describes applying logic to objects activity and identification. Facial recognition, object location and identification, and event logic. Video Analytics offers a great enancement to the static viewing cameras in current CCTV technology. Any camera can capture a person climbing a fence and stealing a car, as the video event is recorded for later viewing. Video Analytics alerts to this type event and takes action such as alarm alert, phone call. and/or email. Video Analytics is a new emerging technology that along with forthcoming applications, will drive the security Video Security system in the near future.

The Video Security system will be another device on the network of most corporations, retail stores, education facilities, and all Video Security devices in the future. Video data and event engineering is a new emerging technology that will transform the Video Security marketplace. With IP Camera systems, along with high-definition, a welcome change, the benefits of data and video interchange may bring the most benefit to the customer.

Thanks: Steve McNeal



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