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Industry 1st H.264 360-degree megapixel camera with onboard storage

There have been 360-degree cameras in the market that have come and gone for several years. At this year’s  ISC West in Las Vegas March 24th-26th Sentry 360 will unveil a 360-degree product they think will change the way security professionals will look at this technology. Sentry  360’s FullSight™ Mini or FS-IP2000 is the size of a computer mouse & is the only 360-degree of its kind to adopt industry leading H.264 compression. With the combination of low compression, small form factor and on-board storage capability the FullSight mini has a series of features that are unmatched in the immersive 360-degree market.


Josh Skorich Director of Technology says, “This product was designed with 2 strategies in mind. First, like all our products, the FullSight™ Mini can integrate into any 3rd party NVR software with our SDK for correcting the fisheye’s perspective view during live and retrospective full Pan-tilt-zoom. Second, with the capability of the on-board storage Micro SD card and full situational awareness, this product can be a stand alone solution with no need for 3rd party software or hardware. In addition, the camera’s storage can be accessed via a web browser interface and users can view the camera in multiple interfaces such as full 360° view, panoramic, quad view with (4 angles from 1 camera) or single view that can be independently controlled with full pan-tilt-zoom.”
More Info >>> http://www.sentry360.com/pictures/downloads/FS-IP2000-PR-ISCWest.pdf


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