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DNF Security, Dynamic Network Factory’s (DNF) mission critical IP Surveillance business unit, unveiled its VC9300 Video-Monitoring Centre Workstation, a video viewing console designed to double the power of video transmission for maximum resolution. With the support of up to 12 monitors, the VC9300’s standalone monitoring management gateway offers complete surveillance control.

“The VC9300 gives integrators and end-users the ability to combine different networks to improve the overall performance of their system,” says Mo Tahmasebi, CEO of DNF Security. “This results in a smooth, high quality output, with no interruptions while recording.”

The all-in-one video viewing and display platform allows video management servers to decouple video streaming and viewing from video recording and archiving. In this framework the computing power for the systems in the IP surveillance system is allocated properly to the management of streams, display, and recording in a Network Centric framework. By separating the recording from the viewing of surveillance video, the VC9300 is able to provide speed and signal quality at maximum resolution, which is perfect for LCD displays and HD flat panels.

The VC9300 includes high performance features such as 2 hot swappable disks for caching of the video or exporting to the JPEG clips or Microsoft Media player formats. As with every DNF Security product, the VC 9300 system has an open-platform design for enhanced performance and compatibility with leading cameras and video management software.

The VC 9300 Video-Monitoring Centre Workstation is now available through DNF’s nationwide reseller network. For more product information, check out the VC9300 datasheet or contact our sales team.

Thanks: IPVSG.com



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