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Choctaw Nation casinos improve the odds with networked cameras

Despite an atmosphere of fun and games, running a casino is serious business. If you operate a chain of gaming sites, your need for vigilance increases proportionally. With the popularity of Native American-run casinos on the rise, the Choctaw Nation, which owns a number of casinos in southeastern Oklahoma, has taken advantage of this momentum to build new facilities and renovate its older locations. Given the increased traffic to its casinos, security is ramping up surveillance to protect its high-stakes operations.

Over the past five years, the tribe’s Pocola, Okla., casino tripled in size to accommodate more than 1,000 slot machines and a 200-seat off-track betting facility. During that period, the Choctaw Nation, which is the third largest Native American tribe in the United States, also added casinos in Durant and Broken Bow. The tribe will open an additional four new casinos this year in McAlester, Grant and Stringtown, Okla. The renovations and planned expansion spurred the tribal gaming commission to look into modernizing its surveillance systems to better help security staff keep a closer watch over patrons, employees and the criminal element often attracted by gaming sites.

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