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Geutebruck’s virtualisation competence brings real benefits for video security systems

Back in 2008 when Geutebruckachieved Microsoft Gold Partner status, it had already demonstrated exceptional expertise in producing software solutions and in designing and implementing networking infrastructure solutions.  In January 2010, following more specialist training for staff, and the submission of references from satisfied customers whose video security systems were produced using the Microsoft ‘Hyper-V’ tool, Geutebruck added another feather to its cap – and ‘virtualisation’ to its range of competences.

The ‘Hyper-V’ virtualisation tool enables Geutebruck to generate multiple virtual servers on a single piece of hardware, and to link them into clusters with so-called ‘failover’ functionality which ensures that if one server fails, another automatically and instantly takes over without any detrimental effect on the service of the overall system.  Geutebruck installations are already in service with 5 virtual GeViScopes all operating in a single hardware device and even more are possible – provided VCA is not being used extensively and thus competing for processing capacity.

“Virtualisation offers end-users significant advantages,” explains Carmen Lahr, Geutebruck marketing director.  “Not only does it enable redundancy and high availability to be achieved without hardware duplication; but using hardware resources more efficiently like this reduces the installation’s need for space, power and cooling, and that cuts the system’s overall energy consumption by 30-40%.”



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